Food & Beverage


There will be several bars at the festival area where you can find a large range of cold beverages, for example beer, wine, drinks, sodas and non-alcoholic drinks. Our festival is an open catering, which means that you can buy your beer at a bar and then bring it all around the festival area. You can find all our bars on the upcoming festival map. Friendly reminder, a lot of people usually buy their alcohol right before a big concert and it might be good to be a bit prepared so you can avoid long queues.



We are very strict with our alcohol policy. You need to be at least 18 years of age to buy and drink alcohol at the festival area and you need to be able to verify your age with an ID or passport for every purchase. We will provide everyone over 18 years with a special wristband “Over 18”. The “Over 18” wristband is not a substitute for an ID – you will still need to verify your age if asked. If you lose this wristband you will be able to get a new one at the festival entrance after age verification. You will not be able to enter or stay on the festival area nor buy alcohol if you are too intoxicated. This is regardless of you having a ticket, wristband and being over 18 years. It is strictly forbidden to provide guests less than 18 years old with alcohol on our festival. Everyone that does that anyways will be handed over to the police, reported and have to leave the festival area.



There will be a wide and large range of food stalls with food from all over the world. You will be able to find the classical festival food such as langos and pizza, but also pulled pork, chili and milkshake. Also, there will be ecological, vegetarian and vegan alternatives. There will be food stalls on the camping as well as on the festival area and you can find all of them on the upcoming festival map. The food stalls will be open during the festivals regular opening hours. Food stalls on the camp site are usually open 24/7. WATER There will be several water posts all over the event area. They will be marked with flags and signs, please do not forget to drink a lot of water especially when the temperature is rising.



Rockmarket is the name of our festival store, which you can find on the camping site. Here you can find everything for a successful festival visit. They have a large selection of items you might need such as camping chairs, sunscreen, energy drinks, candy, band aids etc. On top of it all, they are open 24/7! So if you are missing anything just take a short walk to our store!



It is not allowed to bring glass or glass bottles in to the festival area, neither are you allowed to bring drinks of any sorts. You are allowed to bring empty PET-bottles or water bottles so you can fill them up with water from our water posts.